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Promotion of the ethnological database

KUD Piskavica and the Tourism Organization of Banja Luka organized a presentation of the ethnological database and the achievements of the Kozarski Ethno project. The presentation will be held on the 25th of March, 2011, from 11.00 to 15.00, at the community center of Piskavica.


This presentation, planned as part of the Kozarski Ethno, will contain a PP presentation showing the practical applications of the ethnographic material in the tourism industry. In addition to this, the presentation will include a promotion of the other achievements such as training sessions and workshops, graphic design and prototypes of handicraft products. It will also be an opportunity to present the future activities of the project like the Festival. A tour of the Ethno House and Shed, built within the project, will be organized for participants. Then will be performed on the stage a “Slava” celebration and the lunch served. Key tourism stakeholders from the Kozara and Potkozarje area were invited, as well as media, representatives of the MDG-F program, representatives of ministries and local communities, partner organizations and tour operators from the region. 45 participants are expected.

The project “Kozarski Ethno - culture as a solution to rural desertion” is supported by the MDG-F program “Culture for development”, which is implemented in Bosnia by 3 UN agencies (UNDP, UNICEF and UNESCO), in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Culture and Sports Federations. Their aim is to develop entrepreneurial behaviors and skills in the field of rural tourism, based on cultural and traditional values of Kozara and Potkozarje's area.