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Presentation of the ethnological database collected during the project “Kozara Ethno”

On 25th of March, 2011, was held in the Piskavica association's community center a presentation of the ethnological database and associated website. The event was also aimed to promote other achievements of the program,

such as training sessions and workshops, graphic design, production of handicraft and prototypes. It was also an opportunity to present future activities of the project like the Festival. A tour of the Ethno House and Shed, built within the project, was organized for participants. Then was performed on the stage a “Slava” celebration, and the lunch served.

Key actors from the tourism sector were informed of the method of preparation, approach and content of the database, as well as possibilities for its improvement. They were also informed of the upcoming activities and events of the project. This presentation was attended by key tourism stakeholders from the Kozara and Potkozarje area, media, representatives of the MDG-F program, representatives of ministries and local communities, partner organizations and tour operators from the region. Altogether, 38 persons were present.

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