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Kozarski Ethno at “Zdravofest 2011"

The association “Piskavica” took part in the “Zdravofest 2011” held in Gradiska on the 21st of April, 2011. This event was the opportunity to promote the project “Kozarski Ethno” and expose the artifacts prototypes made within the project.

The program included a feminine singing group from the association “Piskavica”. This “Zdravofest 2011” gathered many participants from the Kozara and Potkozarje area, who presented the local culture through games, songs, music, gastronomy and handicraft sales.

The Tourism Organization of Gradiska, under the auspices of the Mayor and with the support of the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of Republika Srpska, organized the 4th Festival of traditional gastronomy, cultural heritage and environment of Gradiska municipality “Zdravofest 2011”. The Festival occurred in a friendly atmosphere, in a public park on the banks of the Sava river. It was the perfect place to organize animations from the hunting and fishing association, with an exposure of wild game and fishes, home made alcohols, wines and other beverages by local producers, followed by caterers, butchers, bakers, association of women and others. Visitors good visit the exhibitions of souvenirs and enjoy the traditional songs and dances performed by the numerous groups, have a ride in the carriages of the equestrian club “Posavka”, and see the parade of many boats on the Sava river. During this event was also organized the award of the “Golden Cauldron” for the best brandy, and the athletic club “Mladost” organized a youth sporting competition in various disciplines. Zdravofest, in addition to the manifestation, has also an educational section that includes seminars and lectures on healthy food, traditional gastronomy, cultural heritage and rural tourism.

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