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The folklore ensemble Šarvanci is based in Prague, Czech Republic and was founded in 2002 with the aim of creating a cheerful enviroment for its members - in which they could develop their skills of dancing, singing and playing musical instruments, as well as participate in and enjoy various folklore festivals, performances and last but not least, the training sessions. The ensemble consists of three sections – musicians, dancers and singers – together comprising about 40 active members. The ensemble members are students as well as members already pursuing their fortunes in the labour market. They are gathered from various regions of Slovakia, Moravia and Bohemia. The members tirelessly produce a vast array of artistic works, in which they attempt to revive Slovak folklore in its musical and dance forms. As to the artistic activities, the ensemble is not focusing on a single cultural region of Slovakia. Instead its aim is to make the acquaintance of the whole variety of folklore styles found in Slovakia. The ensemble’s contact with its audience is made mostly at the performances and folklore festivals throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but the ensemble has joyful memories of its participation in festivals in Huangshan and Shanghai in China and from its participation in the festival in Romanian Čerpotok. Each year the ensemble prepares a traditional Christmas performance and any people who are eager for some dancing can indulge in the school of dance, that the ensemble arranges. We can say that our ensemble enjoys and lives for all that the Slovak folklore has to offer and a happy audience is just what we need in return.



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