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The project Kozara Ethno reaches its objectives

As a result of the activities performed during the project Kozara ethno, a touristic offer has been proposed through the presentation of the local culture. The first touristic customers came from Celje, Slovenia, on the 19th of June, 2011, and visited Piskavica with the travel organization “Respect”, from Zenica.

Guests have been shown the “Slava” custom, in which they actively participated, and were served the traditional lunch prepared by local people from Piskavica. They were then entertained by the local orchestra, by listening to and learning traditional music and dances. A mini ethno-market was organized at the space of the ethno house, where local people found the opportunity to present and sell handicraft and local products such as rakija, cheese, kajmak and others, whose production and distribution result from the activities initiated within the project. This cooperation between the project Kozarski Ethno and the travel agency will continue with the aims of developing rural tourism, marketing of domestic products and promotion of the Kozara and Potkozarje area.
The project “Kozara Ethno” was also promoted at the fourth International Folklore Festival “DukaFest 2011”. This 3 days festival took place at the cultural center of Banja Luka “Banski Dvor” and showed a presentation of 11 countries' traditional costumes. A traditional wedding was also performed by the members of the association “Piskavica”. The project Kozara Ethno was promoted through a permanent stand where results of the project activities, such as handicrafts, were exhibited.

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