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Traditional folk singing

Folk singing is the main way of musical expression of residents of northwestern Bosnia (Bosanska Krajina – Bosnian Krajina). It is expressed here as a singing in two voices, while the forms of one voice singing in folk practice are usually not considered a singing in real terms. It is directly related to the function, and the performance that is, when the "real" singing is concerned, always in a group.
According to its characteristics the traditional folk singing in Bosanska Krajina basically is the Dinaric type, which is a direct consequence of origin of the local population, and that makes it similar to forms of singing in neighboruing districts of inhabited Dinarics. Along with it, a today’s form of singing, which came from Croatia, which carries the traits of European music has been adopted here. Although basically very different from traditional forms of singing, this form has become very popular, mainly because it has been cherished by young people.   

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