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"Estampas de Mexico" is a folklore group founded in 1998 by Tec de Monterrey Guadalajara camp students. Group "Estampas de Mexico" participated in various international CIOFF’s and IOV’s festivals in countries such as Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Russia, United States of America, Canada, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal, Cuba and Poland. "Estampas de Mexico" presents dances: "Veracruz" - a genius dance with a mixture of Spanish, African and Caribbean rhythms that resembles Flamenko and Andalusian dances in speed and complexity, "Jalisco" - dance where all body movements simulate horse movements, "Nayarit dance"- which resemble to a fight with knives as well as dancing with gorgeous skirts. Allow young Mexican students to present you their diverse culture of folk dance at Kozara Ethno Festival 2018. Feel the flaming rhythm of Mexico and Mexican culture!

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