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15th Kozara Ethno 2019 from 5th to 8th July

The event „15th Kozara Ethno 2019“, will be held on 5th  and 6th July in the Piskavica village (Social Home and center) and 7th and 8th July on the Banja Luka Kastel fortress.

On the 15th Kozara Ethno, cultural and artistic clubs from the country and abroad will perform, 10 traditional vocal groups from the territory of Kozara will take part in the competition program and ethno groups from abroad will take part in the regular program. The topic of the event Kozara Ethno 2019 will be the “ traditional food”. According to that, a performance and exhibition will be organized. In addition, within the event, a competition will be held in traditional sport disciplin (throwing a stone from the shoulder and long jump). All groups, representatives of participating countries will have the opportunity to present their country through dance, music, singing, performances, promotional materials, souvenirs, handicrafts and traditional food and drinks.