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2012 (Spinning - Bee)

The event „8th Kozara Ethno“, in the organization of Tourist board of Banja Luka and FC Piskavica, will be maintained on 29th and 30th June 2012,  in the Potkozarje village of Piskavica (Social Home and center), 2nd July on the Banja Luka main square. On the 8th Kozara Ethno, cultural and artistic clubs from the country and abroad will perform, 10 traditional vocal groups from the territory of Kozara will take part in the competition program and ethno groups from abroad will take part in the regular program. Typical scenes from life and daily works of ethno man from Kozara will be a part of the event. The topic of the event Kozara Ethno 2012 will be the custom of „Prelo“ of the area from Potkozarje. According to that, a performance will be organized, exhibition and market of domestic products. Participants of the competition part of the Festival will have to present themsleves with at least one celebration song. In addition, within the event, a competition will be held in traditional sport disciplin (throwing a stone from the shoulder) which will compete representatives of all groups. All groups, representatives of participating countries will have the opportunity to present their country on a promotional bench, through promotional materials, souvenirs, handicrafts and traditional food and drinks in the ethno market. Ethno market will be organized during the three days of events. For 1st July 2012 (Sunday) is scheduled for a day when participants will have the opportunity to rest and to City Sightseeing. The winners of the festival as well as associations and groups from abroad (the guests of the event), will perform on the Banja Luka main square on 2nd July. Performance will be preceded by the parade of all participants through a central city street. After performing in Banja Luka will be organized closing party for all participants of Kozara Ethno 2012.