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About Kozara ethno

Many villages in the region of Potkozarje maintain the tradition and folk customs of Kozara that have been created through centuries. Specific song „ojkacha“, folk costume, cuisine and traditional activities in the house and in the field are the characteristics of the villages on Kozara according to which they are unique in the world.

In September 2010, the Tourism Organization of the city of Banja Luka started working on the project named “Kozara Ethno-Culture Tourism as a Solution to Rural Desertion” together with KUD Piskavica (Cultural Artistic Association Piskavica), financed by the MDG-F Culture and Development Programme, which is implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina by three different UN agencies: UNDP, UNESCO and UNICEF.
The goal of the project is further development of entrepreneurial and innovative skills in the sphere of rural tourism, based on the cultural heritage and the traditional values of the areas Kozara and Potkozarje. The realization of this project will last for 12 months, during which time several different activities will take place: a research about the traditional culture, different training seminars for the local population about rural tourism, the environment and handcrafts, gathering of information for the database about the local culture and work on improvement of entrepreneurship and marketing. All project results will be presented during the 7th Kozara Ethno Festival which is to be held on July, 1-4, 2011.

The aim of the event is promotion and development of tourism of Kozara according to the principles of sustainable and responsible development. Also, the aim of the event is enrichening the tourist offer on the territory of the City as well as protection of natural and cultural values of Kozara and Potkozarje.

In the first week of the month of July, in the Potkozarje village of Piskavica, there is a traditional event „The Kozara ethno“ taking place. The first event was held in 2005, organized by the Tourist Organisation of the City of Banja Luka and KUD „Piskavica“ that were developing the Kozara Ethno successfully year after year.

The Kozara Ethno presents a man from Kozara, the life in Kozara and Potkozarje in the old times through presentation of traditional customs, culture and domestic cuisine. The event is interwoven by authentic ethno sound through the Festival of traditional songs and music in which the groups from Kozara region and the guests from the abroad participate.

The event The Kozara Ethno has particular topic every year and every year it presents the different village activities that were performed in the villages from Potkozarje in the house and in the field. In accordance with the topic of the event, organized are performances, exhibitions, presentations and other cultural and tourist contents. The customs such as mowing, harvest, processing of textile, cooking of domestic specialties, weddings, „slava“ (fiest of a patron saint of a family) and other, attract a great attention of visitors that have the opportunity to meet the traditional activities but also to take part in them.

The basic idea of the event is to present the neglected and forgotten folk customs as tourist potentials of the mountain and Potkozarje, and to point out to new rural development as well as protection and preservation of cultural and natural values of the villages from Kozara.