KUD Piskavica premieres the play "Vodarke"

The cultural and artistic society “Piskavica”, the host and co-organizer of the Kozara ethno festival in 2023, will once again present its skills at the traditional event and perform the play “Vodarke” for the first time.

KUD “Piskavica”, which was founded in 2002 in the picturesque village of Piskavica, is proud of its 150 members of all ages and professions who preserve the traditions and cherish the customs of this region.

The most numerous section is the folklore section, which has three groups (children's group up to 12 years old, youth group up to 17 years old, and performing group over 17 years old); the music section proudly highlights the folk orchestra, singing group, and vocal soloists, and the society is unique in that it has a section that deals with original folk creativity in which members prepare and present old folk customs along with traditional original songs of the Potkozar region.

Every performance of the “Piskavica” cultural and artistic society is special, and as June 30 and the first night of the Kozara ethno festival 2023 approach, the excitement is growing because the girls from the “Piskavica” KUD will perform the Macedonian dance “Vodarke” for the first time.

“Vodarke” represent a stage presentation of a unique folk custom that was once spontaneously practiced every day in the village, more precisely at the village fountains. The gathering of girls and boys in the evening hours in front of the fountain to fill the jug with water was accompanied by conversations but also by the girls’ song and dance. It was a break from daily obligations and love woes and a nice gathering in a cheerful atmosphere.

The spirit of some past times will be evoked by KUD “Piskavica” on June 30 at 8:30 p.m. in Piskavica, but also two days later at Krajina Square in Banja Luka.

KUD "Stanko Paunović" Pančevo

The cultural and artistic society “Stanko Paunović” NIS oil refinery Pančevo is one of the participants in the festival Kozara ethno 2023.

The ensemble has more than 500 members gathered in 12 dance ensembles, a folk and tambura orchestra, a singing group, and as part of the KUD “Stanko Paunović” there is also a tambourine and flute playing school and workshops for the reconstruction of folk costumes.

The society was founded in 1948 as a society of Pancevo railwaymen, and since then, it has proudly nurtured folklore culture and presented its program at concerts and festivals around the world, as well as winning awards.

They won the hearts of the audience in France, Greece, Tunisia, Portugal, England, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Canada, and many other countries.

The ensemble's greatest successes at international festivals are second place at the world folklore festival in Dijon, France, and first place at the festival in Košice, Slovakia. They won third places at folklore festivals in Turkey and Poland, and our guests are proud to point out the gold plaque won in 2010 at the national competition of folklore ensembles in Serbia.

At the 2023 Kozara ethno festival, they will perform on June 30 in Piskavica and on July 2 at Krajina Square in Banja Luka.

Ballet Folklórico Citlalcoatl, Mexico

Ballet Folklórico Citlalcoatl from Mexico brings good energy to Kozara ethno 2023.

The ballet folklore group of the British Institute was founded in 2012 in Torreón and has around 120 members of various ages.

Their mission is to nurture folklore traditions and promote Mexican culture in the country and abroad, and they perform accompanied by an orchestra.

They performed at international festivals in Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, and Romania, and we will have the opportunity to see choreographies from different regions of Mexico at our festival.

Ballet Folklórico Citlalcoatl will present Mexican folklore dances on the first day of the festival on June 30 in Piskavica and July 2 at Krajina Square in Banja Luka, bringing the spirit of this wonderful country to our city.

Players of the traditional tambourine instrument

“Tambura trožica” is an authentic instrument of the Kozare and Potkozarje regions, known for its unique and enchanting sound. Our talented three-string tambura players are true guardians of this tradition, bringing the magic of this instrument to the performance at the Kozara ethno festival. Through their virtuoso performances, festival visitors can experience the authentic sound of Kozara and Potkozar, as well as feel the emotional depth that this instrument can convey.

Three-string tambourine players:

  1. Slobodan Brdar
  2. Radovan Jorgić
  3. Jovica Jelisavac

“Anadolu Hot”, Turkey

The Ensemble of the Faculty of Medicine of Ankara University “Anadolu Hot” is coming to the Kozara ethno festival 2023.

“Anadolu hot” was founded in 1986 with the aim of preserving and promoting Turkish culture and enabling it to reach a new generation through traditional dance and music.

Since its foundation, the society has participated in many festivals in the country and abroad, where it has successfully represented Turkey and its cultural identity.
Some of the most important performances were in France, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Romania, and they are performing for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, bringing the culture of Anatolia to Banja Luka.

The Ensemble of the Faculty of Medicine of Ankara University “Anadolu Hot” will perform on the first day of the Kozara ethno festival 2023 on June 30 in Piskavica and on July 2 at Krajina Square in Banja Luka.


The musicians of the Croatian band Cubismo bring an unforgettable evening filled with positive energy and music based on Afro-Cuban rhythm.

Since 1995, when the band was founded, top musicians from different countries have nurtured not only quality music that won numerous awards at festivals but also the hearts of the audience, who enjoy and dance to a recognizable rhythm that is not limited by stylistic barriers.

As a counterweight to complex arrangements, the group fosters the improvisation of all members, based primarily on jazz.

Cubismo is the most important band that plays Afro-Cuban music in this part of Europe. They won awards, gathered thousands of people at concerts, and their albums were released by global publishing houses such as Universal Records and Irma Records.

A unique performance with musicians from Croatia, Venezuela, and Cuba also awaits us in the scope of the 18th Kozara ethno festival.

Participants of the "Festival of Original Songs" program

Through the wealth of voices and harmonies, the original song festival at the Kozara ethno festival revives the authentic tradition of Kozara and Potkozarje. Male and female singing groups from different parts of the region bring with them unique interpretations and styles, preserving the legacy of the original songs.


Original male singing groups:

  1. Timar – Jelićka
  2. Potkozarje – Prijedor
  3. Tubanova grupa – Verići
  4. KUD“Piskavica“- Piskavica
  5. Braća Panić – Prijedor
  6. Sana – Novi Grad
  7. Jošikova voda
  8. Gocina grupa – Kostajnica
  9. Janjac – Svodna
  10. Gocina grupa – Kostajnica
  11. Prijedor – Prijedor


Original female singing groups:

  1. Una – Kostajnica