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A magic called singing, love for music, and unbreakable friendship have created the idea for a chorus that deals with different types of compositions. Members of the choir decided to raise from the ashes choir of Lira, which used to exist in Banja Luka, and were shut down for many years. However, after a short period of existence under that title and several performances, for administrative reasons they were forced to completely become independent and continue working under the new name "Castra". Banja Luka has always been a synonym for good music. The idea is that the Roman name of Banja Luka represents the name of the choir, because of the city in which we live, work and sing and we all carry in the heart.  Chior "Castra" is a mixed chamber choir that can perform classical compositions, contemporary compositions, spiritual and ethno music, and of course what we have gathered for - the popular compositions.  For a short period of time, the choir performed at several folklore festivals within the revial program, then as part of the performance of the National Theater from Sarajevo "Everything survives, except death", music signed by the famous Damir Imamović. There are plans for cultural events in Banja Luka and regional competitions for which we have numerous calls from abroad.

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