Ethno Animation Tourism Offer

Discover the Cultural Identity of Kozara

Cultural heritage of the people of Kozara

“Experience new adventures, immerse yourself in the traditional hospitality of the local community, and explore the rich cultural heritage of Kozara. Learn traditional skills.

Many villages in Potkozarje preserve the traditions and customs of Kozara that have been developed over centuries. The distinctive ‘ojkača’ songs, folk costumes, cuisine, and traditional activities in homes and fields give Kozara’s villages unique characteristics in the world. Discover a part of Potkozarje’s tradition through our ethno-tourism offerings, which include: Visiting an ethno-house in Piskavica with interpretation by the host and a local product market. Presentation of traditional customs with guest participation in the performance. The performance is done by local villagers and members of the local cultural and artistic society dressed in traditional folk costumes. Enjoy an unlimited traditional lunch prepared by the villagers, consisting of homemade soup, ‘sarma’ (stuffed cabbage rolls), roasted dishes, pies, homemade bread, doughnuts, cheese, clotted cream (kajmak), cornbread, homemade juice, brandy, coffee, and local desserts. Nektar beer is available, and wine can be provided upon request. The orchestra members of the local cultural and artistic society perform, and traditional dance lessons (circle dance) can be organized.”

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