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Tourist Organization of Banja Luka
Folk ensemble Piskavica
Citizens Association „Afrodizijak“


Tourist Organization of Republic of Srpska
Tourist Organization of Prijedor
Tourist Organization of Kozarska Dubica
Tourist Organization of Gradiška
Tourist Organization of Kostajnica
Tourist Organization of Laktaši
Tourist Organization of Srbac


Serbian Cultural Art Society "Dr. Mladen Stojanović"
Folk ensemble “Osman Džafić”
Folk ensemble “Kozara” Prijedor

The members of this cultural-artistic association showcase their skills through embroidery, crocheting, knitting, and crafting traditional folk handicrafts characteristic of this region. Like other associations, this society strives to preserve the traditions and culture of the people in this area and prevent them from being forgotten.

Folk ensemble „Kolovit“
Folk ensemble “Kozara” Podgradci
Folk ensemble "Potkozarje" Kostajnica


Association Teodora

The Association for the Protection and Preservation of the Folk Treasure of Potkozarje ‘Teodora’ is engaged in creating unique souvenirs adorned with motifs and ethnic elements of Potkozarje. Embroidered and woven items, traditional costumes, glassware, ceramics, jute, and wooden objects adorned with various motifs are just a part of the wide range of souvenirs offered by this association.

Women's Association Donja Puharska

In order to preserve tradition and customs, the women’s association ‘Donja Puharska’ is engaged in crafting woven, crocheted, embroidered, and knitted handicrafts, as well as traditional folk costumes. Traditional handwoven rugs and runners, with their captivating patterns and colors, will refresh the corner of your home.

Women's Association „Miris dunja”

The women’s association ‘Miris dunja’ is engaged in creating clothing items made of wool, as well as crochet, embroidery, weaving, and sewing. Woolen clothing items adorned with various motifs will provide you with warm and cozy days during winter.

Association “Kozak”

The association ‘Kozak’ is dedicated to nurturing and promoting Ukrainian culture, customs, and traditions. In addition to numerous sections, the association also has a section focused on crafting various handicrafts with distinctive Ukrainian ethnic motifs.

Association “Promotur”

The association for the promotion of culture, tradition, and customs primarily engages in hosting tourists in rural households and preparing traditional meals. The members of this association are also involved in crafting folk handicrafts characteristic of this region, thus enriching the promotion of Potkozarje’s cultural heritage.

Workshop “Primalink”

Workshop ‘Primalink’ specializes in creating souvenirs made from chiffon, jute, wool, and thread, hand-painting glass, ceramics, and jute, as well as crafting children’s traditional costumes. They offer a variety of handwoven items, such as bags, tablecloths, curtains, and many other products that serve as unique souvenirs and ideal gifts for any occasion.

Workshop “Minimo”

Workshop ‘Minimo’ specializes in crafting and decorating various plaster souvenirs suitable for different ages and occasions. Their collection also includes various ikebana arrangements that can enhance your living space.


Association “Promotur”