Festival 2023


Retrospective of Kozara Ethno Festival 2023

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"LILA" lightning

The theme of the Kozara ethno festival 2023

The Kozara ethno festival is recognizable by the fact that every year it has a specific theme that represents various activities that were performed in the houses and fields in the villages of Podkozara. This year it’s the LIGHTING OF THE “LILA”.

The traditional St. Peter’s day custom invokes the good health of livestock and well-being in the household, and the custom is most enjoyed by the youngest who look forward to the evening, lighting lilacs, playing and laughing with friends.

Visitors will be able to see and hear more about the St. Peter’s day custom of lighting “LILA” on June 30 in Piskavica, where the 2023 Kozara ethno festival will be opened.

Photo Gallery of Kozara Ethno Festival 2023

Take a look at how it was.

Experience the Atmosphere of Kozara Ethno Festival 2023!

“Watch the After-Movie of Kozara Ethno Festival, celebrating customs, folklore, music, and the fusion of tradition and modern sound.

Experience the highlights of the three-day festival in Piskavica and Trg Krajine in Banja Luka, where around 300 participants from Mexico, Turkey, Serbia, Senegal, Croatia, Venezuela, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Cuba brought a part of their traditions to the stage.

The theme of the festival, which took place from June 30th to July 2nd and is listed in the CIOFF calendar, was the lighting of lilac, a traditional custom cherished in these regions.”