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Novi Beograd

The female singing group works within the Academic Society "New Belgrade", which with more than five hundred members makes a significant contribution in preserving the true originality and tradition. Artistic leader of the group, Nina Šurlan, a native of Kozarska Dubica, showed in the early years interest and love for the traditional forms of games, songs and music of Serbs. Her own efforts have brought together ten young talented girls (age between 15 and 22) and formed this talent and youth into a female singing group that for the last seven years leaves no one indifferent. The group nurture traditional singing from all over country. The number of performances during the year exceeds the figure of 70, which is on average - every fifth day. At the Kozara Ethno Festival they will be presented with guitar tunes from Uzice:

New voice - Listaj goro ne žali be'ara

Old voice - Prioni mobo

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